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Crayo AI is a digital tool designed to assist in the creation of short, engaging videos. With a focus on simplicity, it enables users to produce captivating content swiftly and with minimal effort.

Users are guided through a three step process: writing and outlining their script, customization and styling of the video, and finally exporting their creation.

The tool features an AI script generator that provides template suggestions to help users form their storylines. The customization phase involves selecting backgrounds, voices, and music from available templates.

Crayo AI also incorporates auto-generation of captions, effects, backgrounds, and music to streamline video creation. The tool includes AI voice narration to bring scripts to life, automatic subtitles generation for enhanced accessibility, and an AI powered video editor for refining content.

Furthermore, users can create AI generated images using prompts. This multi-purpose solution supports content generation for different platforms including Youtube, Instagram, and TikTok.


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