Video shortening 28 Nov 2021
Converts long videos to social media clips.

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Generated by ChatGPT is an AI based content repurposing platform that provides an easy and efficient way to convert long form podcasts and videos into shorter, more shareable clips for various social media platforms such as TikTok, Reels, and Shorts.

It simplifies the entire process by offering features such as AI Captions (video subtitles), content repurposing, video resizing, video clipping, auto video chapters, Alex Hormozi captions, CutMagic™️ (scene change detection), Grant Cardone captions, and social media templates.

Content creators can use this platform to save time and effort, and grow their online presence significantly. offers an amazing range of video podcasters, video creators, content teams, and agencies to repurpose video content for multiple platforms.

It also provides a wide range of templates and resources to help them create high-performing and visually appealing videos. The AI works by automatically selecting, editing, and captioning the top moments from videos.

It also allows users to customize their videos by changing colours, fonts, subtitles, and more. The platform also offers 1080P downloads for better quality content. helps content creators to get the most out of their content by repurposing it for multiple platforms. It is a great tool for content marketers, video creators, podcasters, and agencies who want to grow their online presence quickly and effectively.

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Gundappa Koli
· Aug 3, 2023
Ana v elementu
· Jul 6, 2023
It is nice. The transcription is accurate and it creates useful reels with templates and style customisation that you can play around later.
Raj Charli Usa
· Jun 10, 2023

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Pros and Cons


Converts long videos to clips
Content repurposing
Video resizing
Video clipping
Auto video chapters
Scene change detection feature
Pre-set social media templates
Customizable video colours, fonts
1080P video downloads
Content repurposing for webinar/conference
Platform native video sizes
Selection of top video moments
Automatic video subtitles
Customizable templates on Pro plan
Supports only English


No multi-language support
Quality limited to 1080P
Limited customization options
No personalized output


How does work?
Can I customize the videos edited by
What video quality can I download using
Who can use
Does support non-English languages?
What type of videos can I upload on
How does's AI Captions feature work?
What is the CutMagic feature on
Can I use to resize my videos?
What social media templates does provide?
Does offer a trial?
How does the content repurposing feature in work?
What are Auto Video Chapters in
How does select top moments from my videos?
Can I use my own templates in
What platforms can I repurpose my content for using
Does provide subtitles for the videos?
How many videos can I repurpose using
Can I get custom templates with's pro plan?
What are Alex Hormozi captions and Grant Cardone captions in

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