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Create viral AI videos in minutes!
Generated by ChatGPT is an AI-powered tool designed to transform text into short engaging videos, with a focus on social media platforms like YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok.

Users input their text or a link, and the tool generates a script and creates a video within minutes. The tool's AI can identify and repurpose high-impact content to fuel video creation, saving time and adding value.

Apart from generating scripts and designing videos, can automatically monitor specified content sources like blogs, Twitter, or LinkedIn accounts and create content from them.

The tool has features for generating voiceovers, adding animations, and producing diverse formats of engaging content. It comes with intuitive interfaces and smart features that simplify video creation, requiring no advanced video editing skills from the user.

Users have a high degree of control over the AI-generated content, including the ability to fine-tune the visuals, pacing, and other defining elements of the videos.

The tool supports high quality video exports in multiple resolutions, offering precise frame rate control. also provides various pre-made tools, allowing users to turn their text, podcasts, interviews, or Reddit posts into standalone videos or even AI-avatar videos.


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May 6, 2024
I tried it but it takes ages and still did not give me the video I requested. Keeps running in circles "Preparing everything..." and nothing happens.
May 6, 2024
excellent to use! very helpful in my content creation journey. the UI is elegant and easy to navigate, plus the founder keeps on shipping new features faster than I can imagine. love the product 👏

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Pros and Cons


Transforms text into videos
Script generation within minutes
Repurposes high-impact content
Automatically monitors content sources
Generates voiceovers
Adds animations
Requires no video editing skills
User control over content
Fine-tune visuals and pacing
Supports multiple video resolutions
Precise frame rate control
Pre-made tools provided
Turns podcasts, interviews into videos
Converts Reddit posts into videos
Increases video engagement significantly
Efficient content transformation for TikTok
Viral content generation
Advanced search functionality
Effortless video storytelling
Customisable video templates
Aids in audience and business growth
Data privacy and security
Significant time and effort saving
Automation feature for video creation
Provides competitive edge in content creation
Supports text and link as input
Tools for creating TikTok videos
Converts YouTube videos into short clips
Converts tweets into videos
Turns audio into video
Optimized visuals for maximum impact
Automatically creates content from favourite sources


Limited to short videos
No direct file uploads
No live action content
Single user control
Automated content may lack originality
Limited content sourcing platforms
Varying video export quality
Could lack personalization
Reliant on text for creation
May struggle with complex scripts


What is
How does work?
Can monitor content sources like Twitter or LinkedIn?
What kind of content can generate?
Can I fine-tune the AI-generated content in
Does support high-quality video exports?
Can I create AI-avatar videos with
How quickly does create videos?
Does generate scripts automatically?
Does require advanced video editing skills?
How much control do users have while using
Are there any pre-made tools in
Can create videos from the text provided?
Does offer precise frame rate control?
Can I create standalone videos with
How can repurpose high-impact content?
Can I add animations and voiceovers using
Is it possible to transform podcasts and interviews into videos using
Which social media platforms is focused on?
Can I transform Reddit posts into videos with


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