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Create viral shorts instantly with AI.
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SendShort is an AI-powered tool designed to create short video content tailored for a diverse array of platforms. Users can upload either short-form or long-form videos in various formats such as .mp4 or .mov and transform them into engaging short-form content.

It offers options to cut, edit, and schedule posts via an intuitive interface. SendShort enables users to import videos directly from device storage or YouTube links, with an automatic format detection feature for seamless integration.

Editing tools include the ability to crop long videos, add subtitles using templates, integrate additional video footage or 'B-rolls', and include personalized music files.

One unique feature is the automatic cropping tool which tailors the video to the optimal format for the chosen platform. It also offers social media management features, allowing for the scheduling of content, management of social media platforms and performance analytics.

SendShort supports more than 50 languages, making it an accessible tool for global content creators.


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SendShort was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on March 28th 2024.
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Pros and Cons


Short-form video creation
Accepts multiple video formats
Integrates long-form to short-form
Intuitive editing interface
Imports from device storage
Imports from YouTube links
Automatic format detection
Cropping tool for platform optimization
Subtitles using templates
B-rolls integration
Personalized music integration
Social media management features
Scheduling of content
Performance analytics
Supports 50+ languages
Content scheduling
Custom templates
Automated cropping
Video performance analysis
One-click format detection
Over 200,000 users
Inbuilt music and sound effects
Inbox management
Transparent pricing
Different plans for different needs
Enterprise-level support
Direct video import from YouTube
Client testimonials
Supports vertical format
Program and publish to all platforms
Supports large video sizes
Supports long video duration
Option for adding subtitles
Automatic captioning
User-friendly interface
Visual content creation
Free trial option
No hidden fees
Customer support via Discord and email
Increases productivity
Supports diverse content platforms
Used by agencies
Can import own images
Produces professional results


Limited video input formats (.mp4, .mov)
No integrated cloud storage
No iOS or Android apps
Limited analytics capabilities
Doesn't support multi-track editing
No voice-over feature
Limited music file integration
Maximum video length restrictions
Limited subtitle customization
No offline version


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How to upload videos directly from device storage in SendShort?
Can I manage my social media platforms with SendShort?


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