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Time-saving summarization for better comprehension.
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Shortify is an AI tool that summarizes articles, YouTube videos, blogs, and any other type of content users come across while browsing the web or using their favorite apps.

The tool works in all apps and saves users time by reducing lengthy reading materials to brief summaries. Users can access Shortify by tapping on the share button in their favorite app or site, and then selecting Shortify.

Shortify offers users the option to choose the length of the summary, with choices ranging from shorter to original. Users can also share their Shorts with others.

The tool features a Stats display that shows users their saved time, saved words, numbers of summaries, and reduction percentage. Shortify emphasizes user privacy by not collecting any personal data, employing third-party trackers, or ads.

There is no need for users to sign up for an account, which eliminates any risks associated with account deletion. To make it easy for users to understand Shortify’s functionality, the creators have provided a demo video and an email address for support inquiries.

Shortify is a user-friendly, privacy-focused AI tool that helps users save time and quickly understand lengthy content from any source.


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Shortify was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on March 14th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Summarizes wide variety of content
App integrations
Time-saving feature
Adjustable summary length
Shareable summaries
Statistical display
No account signup required
Supports multiple platforms
Includes demo video
Email support available
Usage stats
Summarizes videos
Customizable user experience
Intuitive interface
Operating system compatibility
Good for quick understanding


No multi-language support
Inability to select key points
No account backup
Limited summary length options
No offline use
Depends on app's sharing functionality
No Android version
Not open-source
No text-to-speech feature
No browser extension


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Does Shortify collect any personal data?
Does Shortify use third-party trackers or ads?
Do I need to sign up for an account to use Shortify?
If I have questions about Shortify, how can I reach out to support?
Can Shortify summarize YouTube videos?
How does Shortify help me save time?
Is there a demo video to understand how to use Shortify?
Does Shortify feature a reduction percentage?
Do I need to worry about account deletion with Shortify?
Can I choose the summary length in Shortify?
Where can I download the Shortify app?
Is Shortify user-friendly?
Can Shortify summarize contents from any source?

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