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Summarizing news articles into key points.
GPT welcome message: Hello! Share a news article URL, and I'll report the key points.
Sample prompts:
Summarize this news article for me: [URL]
What are the main points in this article? [URL]
Can you report on this article? [URL]
Give me a news report on this: [URL]
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News Reporter Bot is a GPT designed to help users assimilate news in a clean, straightforward manner. It offers summarized versions of news articles by filtering out the key points and presenting them in an objective, easy-to-comprehend way.

This tool is primarily designed to enhance the efficiency of news intake by extracting and collating vital information from a variety of articles which users can quickly digest.

The News Reporter Bot achieves this by processing the provided URL of a news article and consequently reporting the critical aspects of it. Users can prompt the bot to summarize their chosen news article or request the main points of the article through simple interactive prompts.

Desired formats for initiating these interactions are: 'Summarize this news article for me', 'What are the main points in this article?', 'Can you report on this article?', or 'Give me a news report on this'.

The technology behind this tool is grounded on interpreting and extracting meaningful components of the input from users whilst maintaining an objective stance.

The reduction of lengthy contents into concise, but informative summaries maximizes efficiency and ease in news consumption, which makes it a valuable resource for users who seek quick yet informative news updates.


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News Reporter Bot was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on January 7th 2024.
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