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ByTeddy Pena
Curates top 5 daily news stories in a concise format.
GPT welcome message: Welcome to Daily News Digest! Get your top 5 news stories.
Sample prompts:
What are the top news stories today?
Customize my news feed for technology and science.
Show me the latest in world news.
Can I get news updates about the economy?
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Top 5 Daily Stories is a GPT which is designed to curate the top 5 daily news stories in a concise format. This tool brings automatic news curation to users, providing a brief summary of the most impactful news stories each day.

It offers a value-add by giving users the ability to tailor their news feed to their specific interests. Using this GPT, users can request top news stories for the day, or they can customize their news feed for specific domains such as technology, science, world news, and economy among others.

This GPT is designed to work with ChatGPT and requires a subscription to ChatGPT Plus. Through this integration, users can engage in interactive conversations about the top news stories of the day.

To initiate a conversation with the tool, users can use prompt starters such as 'What are the top news stories today?' or 'Show me the latest in world news.' Another unique feature of this tool is its ability to update users about the latest in various domains, allowing them to stay informed about specific areas of interest.

This GPT offers a new way to consume news, blending customization and conciseness, making it an ideal tool for staying up-to-date with daily events in a manner compatible with today's fast-paced lifestyle.


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Top 5 Daily Stories was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on December 30th 2023.
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