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ByPaul Dachs
Sourcing and summarizing the latest news on any topic.
GPT welcome message: Brief me on any topic and I'll summarize the latest news for you. You can just enter the keyword, or say things like, 'Update me on this', or 'What's the latest on that'. Just make sure to give me something specific, so I can provide you the most relevant summaries.
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What's new on Netflix?
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Brief is a GPT developed and conceptualized by Paul Dachs that specializes in sourcing and summarizing the latest news on any given topic. Serving as an intelligent news aggregator, it helps users stay updated on topics of their interest, deciphering the flood of information into digestible summaries.

The user simply needs to input a keyword or specific request, such as 'Update me on this', or 'What's the latest on that', and Brief will provide the most relevant summaries.

The simplicity in the usage of this tool lies within the flexibility of inquiries; users can inquire about any specific keywords, or broader areas of interest like 'What's new on Netflix?' or 'Summarize yesterday's financial news'.

The GPT relies heavily on the specificity of the user's request in order to provide the most pertinent summaries. Brief does require ChatGPT Plus but once subscribed, users have the advantage of a personalized news curator.

It offers an efficient and convenient solution for people who want to stay informed but are overwhelmed by the extensive amount of information available on the internet.


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