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Iris - Daily AI Intelligence Brief is a GPT that offers intelligence briefings on a daily basis using an assortment of news that is curated from various sites.

Iris is developed to greatly enhance your news acquisition process. Leveraging the capabilities of ChatGPT, it fetches and summarizes the latest news articles and updates for the users.

Soon after logging in, users are welcomed with a message that introduces them to the GPT's functionalities. Iris then prompts users to begin interaction with enticing prompts such as 'Summarize today's top stories' and 'Give me an update on today's headlines'.

These instructions provide a clear path for users to get quick, summarized briefings on the most current and relevant news topics. Iris can be considered as a transformative tool for individuals who value staying updated with the world's latest occurances but also value their time.

It summarizes a plethora of information into bite-size news briefings, making consumption of information fast and efficient. It's important to note that usage of Iris requires ChatGPT Plus, hinting at advanced features and functionalities backed by this requirement.

In summary, Iris is a powerful daily briefing GPT tool that curates and summarizes news from varied sources, leveraging the power of AI for prompt and efficient news updates that align with user interests.


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