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A creative crawler summarizing news with visuals.
GPT welcome message: Hello! Need a summary of the latest news? Just ask!
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Summarize the top tech news from this week.
Create a newsletter on recent health developments.
Generate a Markdown summary for political news in July.
Show me the main environmental news from last month with images.
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K - Interactive News Muse is a GPT developed to function as a smart and innovative news summarizer. This GPT is akin to an efficient digital journalist, creating simplified summaries of news across varied categories, making it easier for users to stay informed and updated.

Its functional scope is not restricted to certain topics, making it versatile and widely applicable. From tech news to health developments, political news to environmental updates, this GPT has the capability to delve into all these sphere, extracting the crucial bits of information.Additionally, the interface and output it provides are uniquely user-centric.

It can generate summaries in various formats, including Markdown, text for newsletters, and even in visually-rich formats inclusive of images for a more engaging understanding of news content.

It is designed to respond to user-specific commands, which enable the creation of customised newsletters or news summaries based on the user's preference.This GPT stands out because of its interactive nature.

Not only does it gather and summarize news, but it also fosters user engagement through its conversational interface. For instance, a user can simply express a need for a news summary, and the GPT will instantly provide it.

Therefore, it combines the skills of content acquisition, summarization, and presentation in an interactive, visually-inviting manner, accomplishing a high degree of customization and user satisfaction.

Apart from catering to individuals trying to stay updated with current affairs, this GPT also serves as a handy tool for professionals in journalism or content creation areas, who constantly need to track, summarize, and present multitudes of news content in a given period.


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K - Interactive News Muse was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on January 5th 2024.
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