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Summarizes daily news with a professional, factual style.
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Sample prompts:
Summarize today's news about AI
What are the latest developments in Brazil?
What's the lastest news from the Premier League?
Give me the lastest business news in the USA
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News GPT is a tool built on the ChatGPT platform, designed to provide succinct, factual summaries of daily news. The intended function of this GPT is to keep its users informed about the latest events in a professional, informational style, mimicking the delivery of traditional news outlets.

Developed by AIED LTD, News GPT aims to be a reliable and concise source of current affairs within the ChatGPT ecosystem. From this tool, users can request the latest news from various sectors such as technology, politics, sports, and business.

The GPT offers prompt starters to help users tailor their news information requests. These include queries relating to AI developments, happenings in specific countries like Brazil, or the most recent events in popular sporting leagues such as the Premier League.

In addition, users can request specific business news in the US or other regions. It's noteworthy that the GPT is more of an interactive platform, as it not only provides news summaries but also engages users through a chat interface for a personalized experience.Potential users have to sign up for ChatGPT Plus to access News GPT.

With its ability to cut through the noise and deliver only the most relevant news, it serves as an excellent tool for anyone looking to stay educated and updated on global occurrences in a quick, efficient manner


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News GPT was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on December 27th 2023.
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