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Rio | AI News Anchor is an advanced, AI-driven platform for accessing credible, fact-checked news. Developed by Curio, the award-winning journalism app, Rio uses artificial intelligence to offer users a tailored news briefing experience.

The platform sources its content from reputable publications such as The Washington Post, Financial Times, and The Atlantic, offering users access beyond conventional paywalls.

Rio also employs AI technologies to prevent echo-chamber effects by identifying and presenting global news that the user might be missing. Emphasizing user comfort and seamless interaction, Rio provides full-length articles devoid of ads or cookie banners.

If users prefer not to read, there's an option to listen to news articles instead. While Rio adds a refreshing approach to digital journalism and news consumption, keep in mind that this platform is in its early stages and access might be limited.


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Rio News was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on April 6th 2024.
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Pros and Cons


Fact-checked news
Tailored news briefing
Access beyond paywalls
Prevents echo-chamber effects
Devoid of ads
Option to listen
Full-length articles
Credible source selection
User-tailored content
No cookie banners
Promotes UnbiasedNews
Early access availability
News from top publications
Free for early users
Recognized by Bill Gates
Pitched by award-winning app


Limited access period
In early development stage
User tailoring requires interaction
Not ad-free for all
Accessibility might be limited
Dependent on external publications
Possibly slow news updates
Listening option not universal


What is Rio | AI News Anchor?
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How does Rio | AI News Anchor prevent echo-chamber effects?
How does Rio | AI News Anchor enhance user comfort?
Can I listen to news articles on Rio | AI News Anchor?
Is Rio | AI News Anchor ad-free?
What stage is Rio | AI News Anchor in its development?
What is the vision behind Rio | AI News Anchor?
How do I access Rio | AI News Anchor?
Is Rio | AI News Anchor free for early users?
What is the news briefing experience like on Rio | AI News Anchor?
Can Rio | AI News Anchor tailor content to my preferences?
What are the main features of Rio | AI News Anchor?
Who developed Rio | AI News Anchor?
Are all news articles on Rio | AI News Anchor fact-checked?
How does Rio | AI News Anchor ensure unbiased news?
How do I get on the waiting list for Rio | AI News Anchor?
What reputable figures have commented on Rio | AI News Anchor?

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