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Transforming news into factual summaries and insights.
GPT welcome message: ¡Hola! Puedo proporcionar noticias y perspectivas de ¿Qué te gustaría saber?
Sample prompts:
¿Cuáles son las últimas noticias en
¿Puedes darme un resumen de la noticia principal en hoy?
Opina sobre las noticias principales de
¿Cómo están cubriendo los medios la historia principal en
Prepara una imagen para cada una de las noticias de portada.
Lee comentarios de meneame e improvisa una conversación sobre ellos.
Generated by ChatGPT

gpteame is a GPT that is designed to analyze and summarize news narratives from Its primary features include generating summaries of news articles and providing fact-based perspectives on these stories.

Equipped with the ability to interactively communicate with users, it generates insightful discussions based on the news narratives from the website. Moreover, gpteame is able to interpret and respond to user requests for specific news updates, facilitating active learning and enhancing the user's overall understanding of current events.

Through gpteame, users can ask questions like 'What are the latest news on' or request a summary of the main news on today. gpteame not only provides a digest of the news but also improvises conversations based on comments from meneame, allowing for a more in-depth exploration of the news landscape.

This GPT makes use of ChatGPT, requiring ChatGPT Plus for operation. Its interactive approach and meticulous analytical capabilities make it a handy tool for anyone wanting to stay updated with the news in an efficient and insightful way.


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gpteame was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on December 29th 2023.
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