News summaries 17 May 2023
Tech news summary service.

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Techpresso is a daily newsletter service that summarises news from over 50 tech-related media sources into a concise summary delivered to subscribers for free.

The service promises to be spam-free and saves subscribers hours of scrolling through tech media by summarising each news item into key points. Techpresso uses an algorithm to analyse hundreds of articles every day and selects the most important ones to handpick and include in their newsletter.

The newsletter is summarised by an AI, and the company guarantees the highest level of news quality by hand-selecting every topic and using only the best source of information.

Techpresso offers deep dives on selected topics and has received positive feedback from its readers, who appreciate the quality of the news they receive.

The service also has a Twitter account and an RSS feed. While it does not specify the number of articles included in each newsletter, it promises to keep subscribers up-to-date with everything that happened in a single email.

Techpresso's goal is to save time for its subscribers while keeping them informed of the latest news in the tech world.

Techpresso was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on June 18th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Summarises over 50 sources
Delivered daily
Free service
Guaranteed spam-free
Key points of news
Algorithm analyzes numerous articles
Hand-selected news
Deep dives on topics
Positive user feedback
Twitter account
RSS feed
One email update
Quality news
No fake news
No sponsored content


No search functionality
No categorization of news
No customisation options
Relies on handpicking articles
No self-selection of topics
No mobile app
No audit trail for sources
No interactive elements
No dedicated user support


What is Techpresso?
How does Techpresso analyze the news?
Is Techpresso actually free?
How does Techpresso ensure the news summaries are high quality?
What is the frequency of Techpresso's newsletters?
How many articles does Techpresso cover in every newsletter?
On what platforms can I access Techpresso?
Does Techpresso provide details on specific topics?
How does subscribing to Techpresso save me time?
What criteria does the Techpresso algorithm use to select the most important news?
How does Techpresso curate its content?
How does Techpresso decide what the best source of information is?
Does Techpresso contain sponsored content?
What do current Techpresso subscribers say about the service?
How can I subscribe to Techpresso?
Does Techpresso have a social media presence?
From how many media sources does Techpresso gather news?
Does Techpresso cover global tech news or is it region-specific?
What happens if I miss receiving a Techpresso newsletter?
Are there options for personalizing the Techpresso news feed?

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