Summarized podcast episodes for busy listeners.

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Podsift is a tool that generates AI-generated summaries of podcast episodes. Users can sign up for free and receive summaries straight to their inbox every time a new episode is released.

To get started, users need to enter and verify their email address, pick the podcasts they'd like to receive summaries for, and then start receiving summaries in their inbox.

Users can choose from a variety of popular podcasts, with new ones being added regularly. In addition to the popular podcasts, there is also an option to click on any of the podcasts listed to see a sample summary.

It is important to note that the tool is completely free, and users are not required to pay any subscription fees. Podsift also does not provide previous summaries of podcast episodes online.

As for user privacy, Podsift states that they will not disclose user email addresses to any third parties. Overall, Podsift provides a simple and convenient way for users to keep up to date with their favorite podcasts without having to spend time listening to each episode in full.

The AI-generated summaries allow users to quickly grasp the main points of an episode and decide whether it is worth listening to in full.

Podsift was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on June 6th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Free service
Email delivery
Customizable podcast selection
New podcasts added regularly
Sample summaries available
Does not disclose emails
No subscription fees
Convenience for busy listeners
Allows quick episode screening
Automatic updates on releases
Secure user privacy
Supports multiple popular podcasts
Dark mode for website
User-friendly interface
Quick three-steps setup
No prior summaries needed
Readiness right after subscription
Facilitates informed decision-making


No archived summaries available
Limited podcast selection
Requires email verification
Dependent on email delivery
No mobile app
Lacks text customization options
No user review feature
No multilingual support
No third-party integration


What is Podsift?
How does Podsift work?
Do I need to pay for Podsift?
How do I sign up for Podsift?
What types of podcasts does Podsift cover?
Can I choose which podcasts to receive summaries for on Podsift?
How often does Podsift send the podcast summaries to my inbox?
Does Podsift provide previous summaries of podcast episodes?
How does Podsift ensure user privacy?
Can I see a sample summary on Podsift before signing up?
Will Podsift disclose my email address to third parties?
Why does Podsift not provide previous summaries of podcast episodes online?
How are the summaries on Podsift generated?
Is Podsift available on all podcast platforms?
Can I manage my PodSift account settings?
Does Podsift only cover English podcasts?
Can I recommend new podcasts to be added on Podsift?
Will Podsift give me the full text of the podcast?
How detailed are the summaries generated by Podsift?
Can I use Podsift for any genre of podcasts?

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