Swell AI
Generated content for podcasts and videos.

Generated by ChatGPT

Swell AI is a tool that automates the process of writing and creating content related to podcasts and videos. It generates written content such as summaries, show notes, social media posts, transcripts, titles, and articles based on the uploaded podcast episodes or videos.

The AI writer creates long format, readable and SEO-ready content that can be easily published to blogs or social media platforms. The platform offers API integration, Apple Podcast and RSS feed import, and Dropbox or Google Drive export options to manage and share the content produced.

Swell AI has a chat interface powered by ChatGPT which allows users to write anything using detailed prompts. Swell AI offers free sign up and provides different pricing plans based on the number of uploads per month and the amount of content generated.

Hobby plan is free with one upload per month while Professional, Business and Pay as you go plans are available at different monthly rates. Swell AI is designed to benefit podcasters, content creators, and businesses who want to save time and effort in creating written content related to their podcasts or videos.

According to customer testimonials, Swell AI has successfully generated content for SEO focused companies and has helped podcast post-production and content writing teams to generate more content easily.

The tool is developed remotely by Cody Schneider and his team.

Swell AI was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on March 26th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Automates content creation
Generates summaries, notes, posts
Creates transcripts and titles
Generates Long-format SEO-ready articles
API Integration
Apple Podcast and RSS import
Dropbox and Google Drive export
Free signup
Varied pricing plans
Automates podcast post-production
Integrates with social media
Generates SEO focused content
Produced by remote team
Chat interface via ChatGPT
Allows detail prompt writing
Translates audio to text
Supports bulk uploads
App integration via REST API
Manage multiple podcasts in one
Public API integration
Offers webhook endpoint
Automates article writing from RSS
Offers LinkedIn and Twitter posts
Generates email newsletters
No sales call needed for API
Time-stamped show notes
Generates title variations
Generates transcripts
Detailed LinkedIn posts output
Helps brainstorm titles
Helps manage content creation teams
Supports cancellations and refunds
Pay as you go plan
Customer support included in plans
Content can be edited after generation
Capable of creating keyword-rich content
Ideal for content creators and businessmen
Accepts URLs for content generation
Offers high volume custom pricing
Allows easy content export and organization
Allows for unique integrations per podcast
SwellChat to generate any content
Automates social media content
Generates time-stamped keywords and topics
Optimized for podcasters and content creators
Saves time and effort in content creation
Repurposes audio content into written
Free plan available for hobbyists
Useful for podcast networks and businesses


Limited free plan
Possibly expensive for frequent users
Inaccuracies in transcription
SEO content may lack originality
Restricted to podcast and video content
Over-dependence on prompts
Potential loss of unique voice
Limited content curation abilities
No offline functionality
Dependent on number of uploads


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How can Swell AI help podcasters and content creators?
What pricing plans does Swell AI offer and what are their features?
What is the refund policy of Swell AI?
How can I manage multiple podcasts on Swell AI?
How does the bulk import feature on Swell AI work?
Can Swell AI be integrated with Google Drive and Dropbox for exporting content?
Can Swell AI generate SEO-ready content?
Who can benefit from using Swell AI?
Who developed Swell AI?
How does the Swell AI's 'Pay as you go' plan work?
What kind of customer support does Swell AI offer?
How has Swell AI helped SEO-focused companies in content generation?

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