Podcast summaries 2023-10-26
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Specializes in summarizing Apple Podcast episodes.
GPT welcome message: Hi, I'm Podcast Pro! Need a podcast summary?
Sample prompts:
Summarize the latest episode of 'The All In Podcast'
What's the main topic in 'The Daily' today?
Can you give an overview of 'Radiolab's' recent episode?
Tell me about the latest in 'Stuff You Should Know'
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Apple Podcast Pro is a unique GPT that specializes in summarizing podcast episodes specifically from Apple Podcasts. Developed by StarterBuild, this GPT is designed to help the users get a quick overview of the various podcasts without investing a significant amount of time.

It conveniently saves the users the hassle of listening to the entire length of an episode, particularly when they are short on time or simply wish to get the gist of the content.The GPT is trained and equipped to offer summaries across a wide variety of podcasts available on Apple Podcasts.

This capacity of the GPT to provide summaries can be extremely useful for users interested in exploring new podcasts or tracking their favorite ones. All they need to do is prompt the GPT with a specific request for summarizing a certain episode from a specified podcast.This tool requires an initial setup with ChatGPT Plus, indicating that users will need to sign in and have a ChatGPT Plus subscription to fully utilize Apple Podcast Pro's capabilities.

It makes it possible for users to get summaries of podcasts like 'The All In Podcast', 'The Daily', 'Radiolab', or 'Stuff You Should Know'. This tool offers its users the ability to stay up to date with their preferred podcasts in a convenient and efficient manner.


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Apple Podcast Pro was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on December 24th 2023.
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