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Scribbler is an AI-powered tool that allows users to speed run their favorite podcasts. The tool offers a range of options including Podcasts, Episodes, Summarizing tools, Account management, and Discord integration.

Users can access the tool by signing up and choosing from a range of popular podcasts that are available on the platform. Once a podcast is selected, users can access recent episodes and explore the content.

Scribbler offers summarizing capabilities that help users quickly capture the main points of a podcast episode.Scribbler is designed to help listeners save time by allowing users to quickly identify and listen to the most relevant segments of a podcast.

The platform includes popular podcasts from multiple genres including Freakonomics Radio, The Intelligence from The Economist, The Matt Walker Podcast, and Huberman Lab.

It also features recent episodes of popular podcasts like The Liz Wheeler Show and I Read Comic Books.In addition to the podcast and summarizing capabilities, Scribbler also offers a Discord integration for users to share and discuss podcasts with other users.

Overall, Scribbler is a useful tool for anyone looking to streamline their podcast listening experience and quickly access relevant information from a range of popular podcasts.

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Pros and Cons


Multiple podcast selection
Popular podcast availability
Summarization capabilities
Ease of account management
Discord integration
User-friendly interface
Recent episodes feature
Direct access to episodes
Time-saving functionality
Diverse genre searchability
Rapid content exploration
Integrated sharing options
Sign-up access
Active community discussions


Limited genre availability
Requires account creation
No mobile application
No automated episode updates
Dependent on Discord community
Limited podcast choices
No personal podcast upload
Inadequate summarizing customization
No playback speed control
No language translation options


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Is free or do I need to pay?
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Does update its podcast list regularly?
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Does have a mobile application?
Can I share my summaries with friends or on social media?
Does work with any language or just English podcasts?
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