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Recast is an AI-based tool that allows users to turn articles they want to read into audio summaries. As a result, users can consume content without having to read through long articles manually, allowing them to multitask while staying informed.

Recast summarizes articles in a conversational tone, helping users understand articles more deeply. The application is available for download on the App Store and Google Chrome extension, and it offers a simple signup process.

Recast comes with several features designed to improve the user's experience. The application enables users to filter their interests and discover new stories, while its hosts do not just summarize but explain articles conversationally.

Furthermore, Recast helps users save time by telling them everything that is in an article in a fraction of the time it would take to read it. Also, the tool reduces screen time, enabling users to stay updated while performing everyday tasks such as doing the dishes and commuting.

Finally, Recast helps users clear open tabs and their inbox newsletters by converting them into podcast format. Recast's users have rated the tool positively, with many praising its ability to help them save time and make the most of their downtime.


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Sep 24, 2023
This app is such a time saver and a way more pleasant way to consume all the articles

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Recast was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on June 19th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Available as App and Chrome extension
Conversational tone summaries
Summarizes articles into audio
Helps reduce screen time
Allows multitasking
Clears open tabs and newsletters
Enables personal content filtering
Facilitates discovery of new stories
Article explanation besides summary
Encourages deeper understanding
Platform for sharing and discovering summaries
Reduces read time of articles
Turns reading list into podcasts
Positive user reviews
Simple signup process
App customisation available with sharesheet
Conversion of own articles possible
Multi-platform compatibility
Can be used with favorite podcast app
Personal RSS feed with recastPro


Only available as app and extension
No Android support
Lack of customization features
Limited to English articles
No offline mode
Audio style might not suit all
Depends on source article quality
User has limited content control
No speed adjustment settings
No integration with other apps


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