Summaries 08 Mar 2023
Summarizes media for easy navigation and questioning.

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Alphy is an artificial intelligence tool that aims to help users interact with audiovisual content effectively. Its main function is to transcribe and summarise audio-based content, allowing users to navigate the content with ease.

Users can submit a YouTube video or Twitter Spaces link to Alphy, which will transcribe, summarise, and prepare the content for questioning within minutes.

Alphy provides semantic search on the transcript to enable users to ask questions and get the most relevant answers presented by the content. With Alphy, users can get a detailed summary of the content as well as a TL:DR version of that summary that lays out the key takeaways of the video.

Currently, Alphy works best with English content, and the transcription process may take some time. The tool is public, and anyone can read the processed content without signing in.

Users can also report inaccurate transcriptions and summaries to Alphy's social media channels. Alphy aims to help users unlock the information in audiovisual content with AI technology, and it offers a free service.

Alphy was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on April 18th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Transcribes audio-based content
Summarizes audio-based content
Prepares content for questioning
Compatible with YouTube videos
Compatible with Twitter Spaces
Provides semantic search
Detailed and concise summaries available
Publicly accessible processed content
Channels for reporting inaccuracies
Free service
Notifications upon completion
Supports English language
Allows user-interaction with summaries
Applications in media navigation
Offers a TL:DR version of summary
Unlocks information in videos
Allows submission of work requests
Allows users to engage with content
Invite other users to view content
Prompt customer service on social media


English language only
Transcription time lengthy
Limited to YouTube, Twitter
Public content access only
No multi-language support
Transcription inaccuracies possible
Handling error information via social media
Requires sign in for submission
Three hour content limit


What is Alphy?
How does Alphy work?
What kind of content can I submit to Alphy?
How long does it take Alphy to transcribe a video?
Does Alphy work with languages other than English?
Can I use Alphy without signing in?
How can I report inaccurate transcriptions or summaries?
Is Alphy only for YouTube and Twitter Spaces?
What is meant by 'semantic search' in Alphy?
How does Alphy give me the most relevant answers to my questions about a video?
What's the 'TL:DR' version that Alphy provides?
Is there any cost to using Alphy?
Are there limitations to the length of content Alphy can handle?
I can't run Alphy, it's saying I need JavaScript enabled. What does this mean?
Can I use Alphy just to get a written transcript of a video without summaries or questions?
Does Alphy offer the option to interact with other users?
How secure is the information I submit to Alphy?
How important is punctuations and accent marks to Alphy's transcription?
Does Alphy provide auto-generated transcripts like YouTube and Twitter?
Who do I contact if I have more questions about Alphy?

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