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Generate user interview summaries and synthesis 12x faster with Userview.
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Userview is an AI-powered tool designed to facilitate and expedite the process of user interview analysis and synthesis. It allows users to upload audio or video recordings and generates interview reports in a matter of minutes.

One of its standout features is its ability to deliver accurate and complete user insights that can be customized based on the user's needs. It also offers easy-to-use reporting templates and an AI chat feature to ask questions relating to conducted research.

Userview also supports collaborative functionality, enabling users to share links and work together in real-time, similar to Google Docs. A major priority for Userview is data privacy.

Located in the EU, it adheres to GDPR guidelines, explicitly refrains from using customer data for AI training, and does not store uploaded files. The tool also features multiple functionalities such as transcription service, language support, custom report generation, customizable team roles, ability to manage access rights and a user-friendly interface that values users' needs, while offering insights to optimize products and user experiences.

Trusted by leading product and UX teams, Userview provides a comprehensive solution for managing user interviews and delivering actionable insights for better product development.


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Userview was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on March 6th 2024.
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Pros and Cons


Generates user interview reports
Customized user insights
Easy-to-use reporting templates
Real-time collaborative functionality
Privacy-focused (EU, GDPR compliance)
No use of customer data for training
No file storage post insights generation
Transcription service
Language support
Custom report generation
Customizable team roles
Manage access rights
User-friendly interface
Product optimization insights
Quick user interview synthesis
Shareable links functionality
Accurate insights
Automated interview analysis
Real-time collaboration platform
Template and suggestions for chat
Project synthesis feature
Automated Insights
31 Languages Support
Accessible Report Templates
Admin and Editor Roles
Flexible Plans for Teams
Secure and private
Quality Transcripts
Actionable Reports
Trusted by leading teams
Customizable Insights
No Credit Card required for trial
Supports Video and Audio Uploads
Impressive Time Saving
Generates Magic Insights
Dedicated Account Manager for Business Plan
Multiple interviews/studies analysis


Limited interview uploads
No API for integrations
Focused only on interviews
Pricing potentially high
Limited to 31 languages
EU GDPR compliance (inagreement with US users)
Limited team roles
Limited template options
Reliance on manual uploads


What is Userview?
How does Userview use AI in user interview analysis?
How fast can Userview generate interview reports?
In what ways can Userview's insights be customized?
Does Userview support real-time collaboration?
What measures does Userview take to ensure data privacy?
How does Userview adhere to GDPR guidelines?
What key features distinguish Userview's transcription service?
Which languages are supported by Userview?
How do customizable team roles function in Userview?
How user-friendly is Userview's interface?
Can I limit or manage access rights on Userview?
What is the AI chat feature in Userview?
What security measures are in place to protect my uploaded files on Userview?
Does Userview use customer data for AI training?
How does Userview support product development strategies?
How can I share links in Userview similar to Google Docs?
How can Userview speed up the process of user interview synthesis?
What is a Userview reporting template, and how do I use it?
Are there pricing plans for different team sizes at Userview?

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