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User interview and feedback collection
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Pansophic is an AI-powered tool designed for conducting user interviews and gathering feedback. With the help of AI agents, Pansophic streamlines the process of collecting user insights.

The tool allows users to provide their research goals and an overview of their product to train the AI agent. Once trained, the agent conducts interviews with users and provides summarized insights.

Users can conduct test interviews with the agent to ensure that it leads interviews in the desired manner.One of the key features of Pansophic is that it eliminates the need for interview scheduling.

Users can simply share the interview link with their participants, who can then chat with the trained AI agent at any time, without the hassle of scheduling coordination.Pansophic also offers a convenient way to review responses.

Users can access insights from their projects, as well as individual interview summaries and transcripts recorded by the AI agent. This feature allows for a comprehensive analysis of user feedback.In terms of pricing, Pansophic offers a pay-per-use model, with the first 5 interviews being free of charge.

For subsequent interviews, users are only required to pay for completed interviews.With its AI-powered capabilities, Pansophic aims to help users scale their user research efforts effectively, simplifying the process of conducting user interviews and gathering valuable feedback for product improvement.


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Pros and Cons


No scheduling required
Test agent feature
Interview summaries available
Accessible transcripts
Pay-per-use model
First 5 interviews free
Ease of sharing interviews
Instant chat with agent
Product overview-based interview
Research goal-based insights
Streamlined user insights collection
Scalable user research
Valuable feedback acquisition
Efficient response review


Pay-per-use model expensive
First 5 interviews only free
No scheduling tool
Only text interviews possible
No API for integration
No mobile app available

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