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Guiding in user research with detailed, positive advice.
GPT welcome message: Hello! Ready to excel in user research with detailed, positive guidance from 'The Mom Test'?
Sample prompts:
How do I create effective user interview questions?
Can you improve these interview questions?
Summarize these interview notes for key insights.
Interpret this interview transcript using 'The Mom Test'.
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User Interview Assistant is a GPT that specializes in guiding user research by providing detailed, positive advice inspired by 'The Mom Test'. The key objective of this tool is to significantly enhance the quality and effectiveness of user research interviews.

The 'User Interview Assistant' is centered around the principles of 'The Mom Test', which is a book that shares a revised approach to customer development and effective methods of speaking with users.

With this GPT, users can formulate and refine user interview questions, gain insights from interview notes and interpret interview transcripts in line with 'The Mom Test'.

It provides prompt starters for key activities such as creating effective user interview questions, improving existing interview questions, summarizing interview notes for significant insights, and interpreting interview transcripts.

This tool is suitable for any individual or organization involved in user research and who wishes to improve their understanding of customer needs, feedback analysis, problem identification and solution validation.

By doing so, this GPT can help risks related to user research, a crucial aspect of the product development process, be mitigated more effectively. Note, this tool requires ChatGPT Plus.


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User Interview Assistant was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on February 6th 2024.
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