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ByCameron Napoli
Crafts 'Mom Test' questions for unbiased product feedback
GPT welcome message: Hi! Let's craft some great questions for your product idea.
Sample prompts:
Suggest non-biased questions for my product.
I need feedback questions for my project.
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The User Interview Advisor is a distinctive GPT developed to assist users in crafting 'Mom Test' questions for obtaining unbiased and objective feedback about their product.

It is primarily designed to alleviate the common issue of extracting valuable feedback that is paramount to the success and improvement of a given product.

The 'Mom Test' questions have been universally recognized as an ingenious way of eliciting honest feedback even from individuals who are predisposed to project their personal biases onto the product.

Leveraging the ChatGPT platform, the User Interview Advisor can generate a broad range of non-biased questions tailored to a specific product. User-specified prompts may include: 'Suggest non-biased questions for my product' or 'I need feedback questions for my project.' Thus, it allows for both a more targeted approach in collecting data from users and a strategic way of structuring user interviews that ensures genuine, actionable feedback while minimizing the interference of subjective biases.

Please note, to utilize this GPT, you need access to ChatGPT Plus.


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