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Analyzed customer feedback data collection.
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Zigpoll is a survey and feedback platform that collects zero-party data using various methods such as post-purchase surveys, email capture campaigns, interactive polls and forms.

This platform has a no-code setup for Shopify, Bigcommerce and Wordpress allowing users to seamlessly integrate with their existing systems. Zigpoll offers multiple question formats, branching logic, and incentives to engage customers and gather quality feedback with an unmatched response rate.

The platform's intuitive dashboard makes it easy for users to analyze survey responses and distill the data into action items. The advanced targeting rules and third-party integrations ensure that the survey is sent to the right person at the right moment through email, SMS, or on-site survey options.

Zigpoll is also equipped with an AI assistant trained on response data that provides automatic insights, trend detection, and chat interface for users to ask specific questions.

Zigpoll offers multiple pricing options such as Lite, Basic, Standard, Plus, and Pro. Zigpoll Lite is free, and users can upgrade to more advanced plans depending on their business needs.

The platform's blog contains examples, success stories, and tips for businesses on how to optimize their use of the platform. In summary, Zigpoll is an easy-to-use feedback tool that enables businesses to capture insights from their customers and make informed business decisions by analyzing survey data.


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Zigpoll was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on June 7th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Analyzes customer feedback data
No-code setup
Shopify, Bigcommerce, Wordpress integration
Multiple question formats
Branching logic in surveys
Offers customer incentives
Intuitive dashboard for analysis
Advanced targeting rules
Third-party integrations
Email, SMS, On-site surveys
Trend detection feature
Multiple pricing options
Free Lite version
Automated insights from scheduler
Fully translatable surveys
Track response trends
Hides branding
Copywriting support available
24-hour support for Pro users
Customer insights and tips on blog
Automatic response analysis
Unmatched response rate
Offers installation support
Multiple charts and reporting dashboards
Zero-party data collection
Flexible survey customization
Unlimited surveys in all plans
Response data distilled into actionables


Limited to Shopify, Bigcommerce, Wordpress
Multiple pricing options
Doesn't hide branding on lower-tier plans
Need to upgrade for more responses
No 24 hour support on lower-tier plans
Translation not specified in pricing plans
Limited team members on lower-tier plans
Response trend tracking not specified in pricing plans
No credit card required but mandatory for paid plans


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What third-party integrations does Zigpoll support?
What does the Zigpoll dashboard look like and what data does it present?
What automated insights does the Zigpoll AI assistant offer?
How does Zigpoll's AI assistant detect trends?
Which pricing levels does Zigpoll offer and what features are included in each?
Is it possible to get a free trial of Zigpoll?
Does Zigpoll offer any blog or resources to help in optimizing the use of the platform?
How can I utilize Zigpoll's data collection to grow my business?
Can I check the Net Promoter Score (NPS) of my business using Zigpoll?
Is it possible to customize the surveys I send out with Zigpoll?
In which languages can Zigpoll surveys be translated?
Can I use Zigpoll to send a survey via email and SMS?
How can I embed a Zigpoll survey on my website?
How does Zigpoll's AI chat interface work?
What's the difference between Zigpoll Lite and the Pro plan?

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