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Surface real customer pains from everyday communication.
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Syncly employs advanced artificial intelligence technology to analyze and categorize customer feedback swiftly, revealing hidden negative sentiments that can affect customer experience.

This tool provides a robust platform that centralizes all your customer feedback across various channels, helping you take proactive measures based on real-time insights to enhance your overall customer experience.

Syncly comes equipped with unique features such as Dynamic Sentiment Analysis, which monitors customer sentiment trends, allowing you to identify and address critical unresolved issues.

Fluid Taxonomy feature automates tagging allowing for confident categorization amidst copious customer feedback. The tool's unique AI model assists in uncovering significant issues that might not necessarily reach the level of a CSAT.

Its Auto Prioritization feature enables you to identify and explore top revenue-influencing issues. A key feature is to provide a complete overview of the top 10 negative responses, thus enabling your firm to swiftly address them.

Additionally, Syncly provides an easy-to-use reporting system which offers hassle-free charts for visualizing customer trends and all other necessary key performance metrics.In terms of interoperability, it smoothly integrates with your tech stack, providing a seamless transition of customer feedback and queries across various sources, making it a single point for all customer feedback.

Syncly can also detect anomalies while sharing insights across your organization. This feedback analysis tool can undoubtedly help your team in delivering stellar customer experiences.


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Syncly was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on February 2nd 2024.
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Pros and Cons


Swift feedback analysis
Reveals hidden sentiments
Centralizes customer feedback
Maximizes proactive measures
Offers real-time insights
Features Dynamic Sentiment Analysis
Aids in identifying unresolved issues
Fluid Taxonomy for categorization
Automated tagging
Unveils significant unnoticed issues
Top revenue-influencing issues identification
Auto prioritization
Overview of top negatives
Easy-to-use reporting system
Hassle-free visual charts
Displays key performance metrics
Smooth tech stack integration
Anomaly detection
Shares insights organization-wide
Surface real customer pains
Categorises feedback instantly
Prevents customer churn
Deep customer communication analysis
Multiple one-click integrations
Full-view dashboard
Aligns decision across organization


Limited to top 10 negatives
Limited dynamic sentiment analysis
No explicit CSAT measurement
Dependency on integration compatibility
No textual sentiment analysis
Limited auto-prioritization scope
No individual user customization
Requires wealth of customer feedback
Cannot handle positive sentiment trends


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What are the key performance metrics that Syncly offers?
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Can Syncly identify top revenue-influencing issues?
Does Syncly allow sharing of insights across an organization?
How does Syncly centralize customer feedback from various channels?
How swift is Syncly's feedback analysis process?

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