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UXsniff is an AI-powered tool that provides user experience insights by analyzing session recordings and identifying abnormal click patterns on websites.

It serves as a virtual UX analyst, transforming the UX analysis process. With UXsniff, users can add a tracking code to their website, allowing the tool to monitor and analyze user behavior.

The tool offers session recordings, which allow users to see exactly how users interact with their website, including scrolling, moving, and "rage clicking." This helps identify frustration points and areas for improvement.

Additionally, UXsniff leverages the power of the ChatGPT API to generate summaries of session recordings, providing users with a quick understanding of each session's key points without having to watch every video.UXsniff also provides website heatmaps, which visualize aggregated data on user behavior in an interactive format.

These heatmaps show how users scroll, click, and move on the website, providing valuable insights into user engagement. The tool features a unique Wayback Machine for Heatmaps, allowing users to explore and bring back old website designs.Furthermore, UXsniff offers automated SEO and UX audits, tracking and reporting abnormal user behaviors, and identifying SEO and UX issues.

It includes a feedback widget that makes it easy for users to collect descriptive feedback from their visitors, and an on-site survey feature for creating surveys to understand users' preferences.Overall, UXsniff revolutionizes user experience insights by using AI to analyze user behavior and provide actionable insights for website improvement.

UXSniff was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on November 1st 2023.
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