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Streamline your UX research with Looppanel.
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Looppanel is a user research platform that aims to simplify UX research analysis. It leverages transcription technology to produce highly accurate transcripts in multiple languages including English, Hindi, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese and Dutch.

Besides manual transcription, Looppanel incorporates an AI-powered feature that records calls, automates note-taking and centralizes all research data for easy access and use.

The platform supports live note-taking during calls that allows users to bookmark key moments for future reference. Looppanel is also built for collaborative work, letting users share notes, transcripts and video clips with team members.

It includes features like video clipping and embedding these clips on platforms like Jira, Notion, and Confluence, meant for explaining user behavior patterns visually.

Furthermore, it offers a repository search function that helps to manage all your research data efficiently. Looppanel integrates with widely used video conferencing tool Zoom, hence providing a smooth User Experience Research process.


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LoopPanel was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on January 11th 2024.
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Pros and Cons


Highly accurate transcripts
Supports multiple languages
Automated note-taking
Centralized research data
Live note-taking feature
Allows bookmarking key moments
Built for collaborative work
Supports video clipping
Embeds video clips on Jira, Notion, Confluence
Repository search function
Zoom integration
User testing features
User experience research analysis
Shares transcripts and clips with team members
Manages data efficiently
Streamlines UX research analysis


Doesn't support non-Zoom tools
Limited language support
No API provided
Doesn't support offline transcription
Limited platform integration
Transcription errors with accents
No autosave for notes
Limited data export options
No real-time transcription
No on-premise installation option


What is LoopPanel and how does it simplify UX research analysis?
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What languages does LoopPanel support for transcription?
Does LoopPanel offer manual transcription services?
Can I take notes live during calls using LoopPanel?
Can LoopPanel centralize all research data?
Is there a bookmarking feature in LoopPanel?
How does LoopPanel facilitate collaborative work?
Does LoopPanel allow sharing of notes and video clips among team members?
What is the purpose of video clipping feature in LoopPanel?
Can I embed video clips on platforms like Jira, Notion, and Confluence using LoopPanel?
How does repository search function manage research data in LoopPanel?
Which video conferencing tool does LoopPanel integrate with?
Can the AI note-taker in LoopPanel automate note-taking during calls?
How can LoopPanel help streamline the user experience research process?
What is the purpose of the repository search feature in LoopPanel?
Can I create and share report summaries with a link in LoopPanel?
How can LoopPanel be used to track and explain user behavior patterns?
Does LoopPanel offer a try for free option?
What kind of support does LoopPanel offer if something goes wrong?

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