User personas 2023-01-09
Streamlining design discovery process for UX designers.
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QoQo is an AI Companion designed to help streamline the design discovery process for UX designers. With QoQo, designers can leverage global knowledge and quickly organize ideas to increase their productivity.

This plugin also includes a product brief, user interview script, user personas, and design checklist, with user journey mapping coming soon. All these features are available in a single platform, accessible to more teams.

QoQo is easy to use and is supported by Discord, Twitter, and QoQo.AI. This plugin is licensed under the Figma Community Resource License and is regularly updated.

It is available for use on any platform.


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QoQo was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on January 26th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Supports design discovery
User personas feature
Includes product brief
User interview script
Design checklist provision
Offers user journey mapping
All-in-one platform
Good Discord support
Twitter support available
Figma Community Resource License
Regular updates
Multi-platform availability
Streamlines UX design process
Increases productivity
Augments design with global knowledge
Organizes ideas quickly
Affordable qualitative UX design
Content auto-generation
Encourages user research
Promotes user experience enhancement
Video tutorial for scripts
Performance improvements
New feature updates
Discovery process made affordable
Good version history tracking
Community resource sharing
Licensed user-friendly tool
Email support available
Supports risk identification


Figma Community Resource License
No user journey mapping
Limited third-party integrations
Limited support options
Discord-based support
Not open-source
Product brief lacks sophistication
No independent version
Updates not frequent enough


What does QoQo do?
How does QoQo streamline the design discovery process?
What are the features of QoQo?
How does QoQo help increase productivity for UX designers?
What is the user journey mapping feature in QoQo?
How does the QoQo plugin support user personas?
Is QoQo available on all platforms?
What kind of support does QoQo provide?
Can I use QoQo for task management?
Is there continuous updates to the QoQo plugin?
What is the Figma Community Resource License that QoQo is licensed under?
What does the design checklist feature in QoQo include?
What is the product brief feature of QoQo?
How could QoQo plugin help with customer management?
Do I need training to use QoQo?
Can I access QoQo via Discord or Twitter?
What does the user interview script feature of QoQo do?
How can QoQo help with user research in UX design?
Who is the creator of QoQo?
Can QoQo help with content generation in UX design?


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