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Marketing persona extraction for businesses.
Generated by ChatGPT

GETitOUT is an essential marketing tool that helps users find ideal buyer personas and transform product features into compelling benefits. With this tool, users can generate professional landing pages, emails, and more, all with high-quality texts that are customized to their design.

The Persona Generator feature allows users to extract personas from competitors, making it easier and faster to understand target audiences. Users can then utilize this information to create persuasive marketing texts that can be seamlessly integrated into their websites, emails, and other marketing tools.

Additionally, the Text Tool offers benefits and call-to-actions suggestions, helping users turn product features into tangible value propositions. This tool is especially beneficial for clients as it helps build trust and rapport through consistent and attractive messages that can lead to higher conversion rates.

The Material Generator feature simplifies the process of creating marketing materials such as landing pages, emails, presentations, and more. Users can save time by utilizing ready-to-use templates, complete with professional texts tailored to their unique design.

GETitOUT also offers a browser extension that enables users to conveniently paste marketing texts and images with a single click on platforms like WordPress and Mailchimp.

Aside from the AI tool itself, GETitOUT provides a Marketing Coach feature, resources like a B2B marketing blog and video tutorials, and an active community for support.

This tool is suitable for marketing agencies, consultants, incubators, venture capitalists, and in-house marketing teams looking to enhance their marketing process and deliverables.


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GETitOUT was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on August 19th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Generates professional landing pages
Customized high-quality texts
Persona Generator feature
Extracts competitor personas
Create persuasive marketing texts
Text Tool offers benefits
Provides call-to-action suggestions
Transforms features into values
Builds trust and rapport
Convenient browser extension
Marketing Coach feature
Active supportive community
Creates marketing materials
Saves time with templates
Marketing blog and tutorials
Ideal for marketing agencies
Suitable for consultants and VC's
Works well for in-house teams
Easy to integrate texts
Works with WordPress, Mailchimp
Easy client onboarding
Provides beautiful deliverables
Assists systematic marketing process
Professional text generator
Superior template variety
Efficient marketing material generator
Personal marketing coach
Weekly coaching sessions
Accessible video tutorials library
Quick and easy brand access
Company and team presentation
Ideal client finder
Existing client analyzer
Competitor analyzer
Customer-attracting texts
Creates attractive messages
Generates emails in minutes
Ready-to-use promotional materials
Streamlines marketing processes
Efficient marketing system creator
Facilitates marketing project management
Manages different products
Develops marketing message and branding
Generates marketing materials in minutes
Provides professional marketing texts
Provides clarity on ideal clients
Offers product design suggestions
Supports product-market-fit faster
Turns features into irresistible benefits


Lacks integration with CRMs
No mobile app available
No multilingual support
Absence of workflow automation
Lacks segmentation capabilities
No offline functionality
No AB testing features
Doesn't support user collaboration
Lack of personalization in templates
No security features mentioned


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What functions does the Text Tool in GETitOUT serve?
Can GETitOUT help create persuasive marketing texts?
How can GETitOUT save time in creating marketing materials?
What support is offered to users of GETitOUT?
Can GETitOUT be integrated with platforms like WordPress and Mailchimp?
What makes GETitOUT beneficial for marketing agencies?
How does GETitOUT help transform product features into compelling benefits?
Are there ready-to-use templates available in GETitOUT?
Can GETitOUT generate professional landing pages, emails, and more?
How does GETitOUT help understand my target audiences?
Can GETitOUT help me generate text for promotional material such as presentations?


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