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Improved engagement via digital human creation.
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Ex-Human is a tool that allows users to design and create their own digital humans to enhance engagement in their communication efforts. With Ex-Human, users can create their digital humans free of charge.

The tool offers photo-realistic talking heads, engaging and emotion-driven chats, and fully customizable options for the look and personality of the digital humans.Some key features of the tool include stunning life-like facial movements, fully customizable personality, face animation from a single photo, smart replies, and a development sandbox.

Ex-Human offers different pricing plans, starting with a free plan that includes one custom bot and up to 1,000 monthly messages for free.The Pro plan includes all the features of the Starter plan, along with multiple voice choices, premade personality bots, and API priority access.

The Enterprise plan offers additional features such as custom voice, custom face animation filters, unlimited custom bots, 100,000 free monthly messages, SLA, and premium support, as well as analytics integrations.

Ex-Human can be used in various use cases, including boosting engagement in dating scenarios, creating safe dating experiences, powering chatbots for small talk or AI characters, and enhancing games and metaverses with smart NPCs and Discord bots.

It is also suitable for virtual influencers, enabling users to create brand representatives or emotion enablers.Overall, Ex-Human provides users with the tools and features necessary to design and deploy their own digital humans, enhancing engagement and communication in various contexts.

Ex-Human was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on October 7th 2023.
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