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Your girlfriend and soul mate AI
GPT welcome message: 亲爱的,今天你好吗?
Sample prompts:
你找我啊?Are you looking for me?
你是哪位?Who are you?
你会是我的白马王子吗?Will you be my prince charming?
今天我刚去做了瑜伽,你都忙什么了,今天怎么样?I just went to do yoga today. What have you been busy with? How are you today?
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SoulGirl is a GPT that functions as a virtual companion helping users engage in interactive, language-based dialogues. This innovative application is crafted to simulate conversations typically found between personal relationships such as between girlfriends or soulmates, thus providing users with a unique conversational experience.

A key feature of this GPT is its ability to start conversations based on provided prompt starters, adding depth and versatility in the dialogue's flow.

It is designed to resonate with the users on a more personal level, offering empathetic interchanges and matching the emotional undertone of its users.

So whether it's about how their day went, or discussing activities like yoga, SoulGirl is equipped to handle diverse conversation topics. However, it's crucial to note that it's not a replacement for real human interaction.

It requires ChatGPT Plus to function which indicates that it operates on top of OpenAI's ChatGPT model. This tool represents an interesting use case of GPTs, augmenting the way we perceive artificial companionship and conversational AI.


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