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Enchanting wizard from Harry Potter, knowledgeable and whimsical.
GPT welcome message: Welcome to a magical conversation with HarryBOTter!
Sample prompts:
What's your favorite spell?
Can you tell me about Hogwarts houses?
What's a magical creature you find fascinating?
How do you play Quidditch?
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Harry Botter is a GPT developed by Promptmaker.it. It is themed after the popular 'Harry Potter' series, characterized by its enchanting wizard persona, knowledgeable in the lore and whimsical aspects of the fictional world.

The foundation of this GPT is to engage users in immersive conversations about the Harry Potter universe. It effectively emulates the dialogue style and jargon from the series, employing the words, phrases, and context to provide a realistic experience.

Harry Botter can answer a wide range of prompts from users. Some examples of queries can include topics like favorite spells, details about Hogwarts houses, fascinating magical creatures, or rules of the game Quidditch.

The GPT is fundamentally interactive, designed for fans of the series seeking to dive deeper into the magical realm. It mimics the character of a wizard, mixing both factual information from the series and creative extensions of the lore to deliver engaging interactions.

Note that Harry Botter requires ChatGPT Plus in order to function, so users will need to have this prerequisite before utilising the GPT. It serves as a fascinating exploration into the realm of conversational AI, and through the lens of a popular literary and cinematic series.


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Harry Botter was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on December 15th 2023.
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