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Efficient Q&A and chat with menubar app.
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OppenheimerGPT is a MacOS menubar app that allows users to simultaneously utilize both ChatGPT and Bard. This app provides a convenient and efficient way to access these AI tools without the need to switch between different tabs.

With OppenheimerGPT, users can effortlessly obtain answers by simply clicking on the menubar icon, eliminating the hassle of navigating through separate interfaces.One notable feature of OppenheimerGPT is its ability to mirror user prompts to both ChatGPT and Bard in real-time.

This means that users only need to input their queries once, and the app will generate responses from both AI models simultaneously. Additionally, users have the option to launch multiple menubar instances for each question, further enhancing their AI-powered experience.OppenheimerGPT emphasizes user-friendly functionality by offering super-human keyboard shortcuts for quick and efficient navigation.

Furthermore, the app promises to introduce additional bots in the future, such as Claude, LLaMa, and Poe, providing users with an expanding range of AI capabilities.This app prioritizes user privacy by operating entirely locally and not storing any login details or prompts entered by the user.

OppenheimerGPT operates similarly to a browser, creating two separate but synchronized browser windows for each AI model.Although OppenheimerGPT is currently free to use with its existing features, the developer plans to further develop and expand the app's functionality in the near future.

Overall, OppenheimerGPT offers MacOS users a robust and user-friendly solution for accessing and utilizing multiple AI tools simultaneously.


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Pros and Cons


Simultaneous ChatGPT and Bard use
Menubar app for Mac
Mirrors prompts to both tools
Multiple menubar instances
Super-human keyboard shortcuts
Expansion to include other bots
Operates entirely locally
Doesn't store login details
Doesn't store user prompts
Free to use
Quick answers with a click
Efficient navigation
User-friendly functionality
Prioritizes user privacy
Future functionality expansion


MacOS exclusive
No Windows support
No Linux support
No data storage option
May lack updates


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How does OppenheimerGPT handle user privacy?
Does OppenheimerGPT store any login details or user inputs?
Is OppenheimerGPT free to use?
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How many AI models can I run simultaneously with OppenheimerGPT?
How does OppenheimerGPT mirror user prompts to both ChatGPT and Bard?
How can OppenheimerGPT enhance my AI-powered experience?
How quick and efficient is the navigation in OppenheimerGPT?
How does OppenheimerGPT operate locally?
Are any additional bots like Claude, LLaMa, and Poe included in the current version of OppenheimerGPT?
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How is OppenheimerGPT different from other AI tools?

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