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BAI Chat is a chatbot tool based on a combination of GPT-3.5 and ChatGPT APIs, designed to provide a free and responsive chat experience. It allows users to interact with the bot by providing various prompts, including asking questions and requesting information on specific topics.

BAI Chat comes with several examples, such as explaining quantum computing in simple terms, or suggesting creative ideas for a 10-year-old's birthday, and can also help with technical questions like making an HTTP request in JavaScript.

One of its noteworthy features is its capability to remember what the user has said earlier in the conversation, allowing for follow-up corrections. However, like most AI-based chatbots, it has its limitations, including the occasional generation of incorrect information, biased content, and harmful instructions.

Its knowledge is also limited to events up to 2021. The BAI Chatbot is available in different channels, including a chat group, a Telegram channel, and a bot.

As a cataloguer of AI tools, the BAI Chatbot may be useful for individuals or organizations looking for a lightweight, artificial intelligence solution that is free and can assist with casual inquiries.

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cรกch tรญnh dame chiรชu dแป‹ch chuyแปƒn tแปฉc thแปi game chรบ bรฉ rแป“ng online
User Profile PictureToch Ni
ยท Aug 4, 2023
please show me a code c algorthms flow chart

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Pros and Cons


Free of charge
Responsive interface
Multi-platform availability
Capable of complex answers
Allows user corrections
Retains conversation context
Versatile utility (personal/technical questions)
User-friendly with examples provided
Capable of denying inappropriate requests


Occasionally generates incorrect information
May produce harmful information
May deliver biased content
Limited knowledge post-2021
Cannot handle inappropriate requests
Limited channel availability
Relies on user prompts


What is BAI Chat?
How does BAI Chat work?
What kind of questions can I ask BAI Chat?
Can BAI Chat explain complex topics like quantum computing in simple terms?
Is BAI Chat suitable for answering technical questions such as JavaScript queries?
Can BAI Chat suggest creative ideas, like for a 10-year-old's birthday?
Can BAI Chat remember my previous queries in a conversation?
Can I correct BAI Chat's responses?
What are the limitations of BAI Chat?
Why can't BAI Chat generate information about events after 2021?
Is it possible for BAI Chat to produce harmful instructions?
How is BAI Chat dealing with the production of biased content?
Can I use BAI Chat for free?
How is BAI Chat trained to decline inappropriate requests?
What channels are available to access BAI Chat?
What is a GPT-3.5 / ChatGPT API-based chatbot?
Why does BAI Chat sometimes output incorrect information?
Can BAI Chat assist me with casual inquiries?
How can I join the BAI Chat telegram channel or group?
Can BAI Chat be beneficial for my organization?

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