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Streamlined workflow automation and content assistance.
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QuickTask AI - Bard and ChatGPT App is a Chrome extension offered by TaskLabs. It is described as a "second brain for the internet" that aims to save users 5-8 hours per week.

The tool integrates with ChatGPT, OpenAI, and Bard, providing lightning-fast access to these AI platforms.Key features of QuickTask AI include an AI text highlighter, AI-powered automation, and the ability to save links and text snippets for repeated use.

The extension also offers a div selector to perform quick actions on selected sections of text, an AI summarizer for generating customizable summaries of articles and blogs, and a fullscreen mode for a better viewing experience.Users can interact with ChatGPT and Bard by asking questions about the content they are reading, and there are additional features specifically tailored for different user groups.

These include Leetcode and GitHub helpers for developers, assistance with writing for writers and content creators, study productivity enhancement for students and academics, and streamlined communication and writing tasks for business professionals.Privacy and safety are emphasized, as the tool stores data solely on the user's device, without collecting any data or having servers.

The description also clarifies that QuickTask AI is not affiliated with ChatGPT, Bard, or any other companies mentioned in the images or logos.Overall, QuickTask AI - Bard and ChatGPT App is a productivity tool that integrates with various AI platforms, offering a range of features to enhance workflows, automate tasks, and improve efficiency while maintaining user privacy.

QuickTask was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on August 22nd 2023.
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User Profile PictureSharvani Nalla
ยท Aug 25, 2023
I love QuickTask AI. It saves me a lot of time and one of my favourite features is chatting with Bard and ChatGPT at the same time.
User Profile PictureBHANU N
ยท Aug 25, 2023
I can use both Bard and ChatGPT in one go

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Pros and Cons


ChatGPT and Bard integration
Chrome extension format
Timesaving workflow automations
Convenient hotkeys
Div selector for quick actions
Saves links and snippets
Fullscreen mode
Interactive Q&A on content
Helps various user groups
Leetcode and GitHub helpers
Data privacy priority
Data stored locally only
No data collection
No server usage
Tailor-made productivity per webpage
Adjustable Leetcode solutions
Features for content creators
Study aids for students
Communication tools for businesses
Coding help for developers
Education tools for trainers
Streamlined collaboration for engineers


Only a Chrome extension
Requires Bard and ChatGPT accounts
Limited languages support
Could require frequent refresh
Unclear version updates schedule
Specific shortcut keys interference
Limited online data access
Unspecified error handling


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Who can benefit the most from QuickTask AI?
What does QuickTask AI offer for writers and content creators?
What does QuickTask AI offer for students and academics?
What does QuickTask AI offer for developers/programmers?
What does QuickTask AI offer for HR Managers, Trainers, Educators?
What does QuickTask AI offer for Product, Design & Engineering professionals?
How does QuickTask AI handle user privacy and safety?
Does QuickTask AI collect any user data?
Is QuickTask AI affiliated with ChatGPT or Bard?
How does QuickTask AI help streamline communication and writing tasks?
Can QuickTask AI assist in drafting reports and creating presentations?
How to start using QuickTask AI?
What does ALT+S shortcut do in QuickTask AI?

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