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Mentor for decision-making based on Graham's principles.
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PG's Principles is an AI tool developed by Muse. As an AI mentor, it offers users the opportunity to engage in conversation and receive responses based on the principles put forth by renowned entrepreneur and venture capitalist Paul Graham in his essays.

Using this tool, users can gain insights and guidance for decision-making processes by modeling their own thinking after Paul Graham's frameworks.While the AI's responses may not precisely mimic Paul Graham's actual opinions, the recreated framework is designed to provide users with an understanding of his principles and enable them to apply these principles to their own decision-making scenarios.

By delving into Paul Graham's extensive essays, users can leverage the tool's AI capabilities to receive advice and perspectives grounded in his widely respected viewpoints.PG's Principles aims to enhance users' critical thinking abilities and facilitate their decision-making processes by drawing on the insights and philosophies of a recognized figure in the startup and technology world.

The tool emphasizes the importance of understanding and applying fundamental principles in various contexts to enhance one's judgments and strategies.Whether users are seeking career advice, entrepreneurial guidance, or simply a fresh perspective on their ideas, PG's Principles provides a platform for interacting with an AI mentor trained specifically on the principles advocated by Paul Graham.


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Pros and Cons


Based on Paul Graham's principles
Enhances critical thinking
Facilitates decision-making process
Provides entrepreneurial guidance
Offers fresh perspectives
Can model thinking after Graham
Insights from respected entrepreneur
Helps in applying principles
Can be used for career advice


Limited to Paul Graham's principles
Inaccuracy in replicating perspectives
Unclear response logic
No multi-language support
Absence of learning feature
No option to disagree
Lack of persona diversification
Fixed response structures
Limited to text-based interactions
No real-time response.


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Can PG's Principles help provide a fresh perspective on my ideas?
What does PG's Principles aim to achieve?
In what areas can I apply the advice gained from PG's Principles?
What are the capabilities of PG's Principles?
How does PG's Principles process my questions?
What type of insights does PG's Principles offer?
How does PG's Principles model my decision-making after Paul Graham's?
Can I use PG's Principles for professional advice?
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