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Enhanced chat experience with language processing.
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Typee is a keyboard-first AI chat UI tool that is currently in the beta stage. It offers the ability to add new chats and customize chat settings. Users can conveniently login and access privacy, help, terms, and contact information.

Typee's main feature is its AI avatar, which enhances the chat experience. The tool's interface includes a left panel for easy navigation that can be opened or closed.

It supports a keyboard shortcut for quickly initiating actions by typing '/' in the input area. Additionally, a help page is available by typing '/help' for further guidance.

Typee is powered by various AI models, including OpenAI's OpenAI Router, GPT-3.5, GPT-3.5 16K, GPT-4, and GPT-4 32K. This diverse range of models allows users to leverage advanced natural language processing capabilities.

Typee also offers extension plugins that provide additional functionality such as page view, copy all, and advanced options. Please note that as a beta product, new features are continuously added on a weekly basis, ensuring ongoing improvements and enhancements.

To use Typee, JavaScript must be enabled in the application. Overall, Typee is a user-friendly AI chat tool that prioritizes keyboard input and provides a range of AI models and plugins to enhance the chat experience.


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Pros and Cons


Keyboard-first UI
Customizable chat settings
Convenient login access
Navigational left panel
Quick action keyboard shortcut
Guidance via '/help'
Extension plugins availability
Weekly added new features
JavaScript application
Access to privacy/terms
GPT-3.5 integration
GPT-3.5 16K integration
GPT-4 integration
GPT-4 32K integration
Page view plugin
Copy all plugin
Advanced options plugin
Focus on input area
Chat creation feature
Contact information access


In beta stage
Requires JavaScript enabled
Only keyboard-first UI
No mobile/touch input support
Lack of diverse plugins
Possible unresolved bugs
No app version
Lacks customization for avatars
Limited navigation options


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Why does Typee require JavaScript to be enabled?
Is Typee user-friendly?
Can I get privacy, help, terms, and contact information in Typee?
What additional functionalities do Typee's extension plugins provide?
Can you explain what is meant by 'page view', 'copy all', and 'advanced options' in the context of Typee?
What are the differences between the various AI models used by Typee?
How often are new features added to Typee?

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