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Enjoy AI playground with Aidely on your Apple devices.
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Aidely - AI Playground is an interactive application that enables its users to pose questions and receive answers from numerous Artificial Intelligence (AI) models simultaneously.

The tool fosters engagement by allowing users, as well as AI models, to contribute to ongoing discussions. A primary feature is its capacity to create a dynamic conversation environment where human responses and AI generated outputs coalesce.

Users can ask questions and receive various answers from a diverse set of AI models, further enriching the discussion by bringing in multiple perspectives.

Additionally, users can contribute their knowledge by answering other users' questions, thereby creating a community-driven knowledge platform. To enhance its usability, Aidely offers the feature to explore and search existing Q&A threads.

Users can find pre-existing answers to avoid redundant questions, enabling efficient utilization of the platform's knowledge resources. The application is available in both free and subscription-based versions.

Subscriptions get charged through the user's Apple ID post-confirmation of the purchase and renew automatically unless cancelled 24 hours before the current period ends.

Beyond its primary features, Aidely prioritizes user privacy and follows precise data handling practices. The developer - Benedly, ensures transparency in data management, following the regulations and guidelines laid out in its privacy policy.

The application is designed for iOS 13.0 and later and is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

Aidely was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on February 3rd 2024.
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Pros and Cons


Interactive application
Dynamic conversation environment
Community-driven knowledge platform
Q&A mechanism
Explore and search feature
Efficient knowledge resource utilization
Free and subscription versions
Charged through Apple ID
Cancellable subscriptions
Data privacy prioritized
Transparency in data management
Compatible with iOS 13.0+
Works on iPhone, iPad, iPod
Community members contribute answers
Reduced question redundancy
Precise data handling practices
Reputable developer (Benedly)
Auto-renewal subscription option
User participation in discussions
Pre-existing answers exploration
User-friendly platform
Apple device compatibility
Multilingual support (English, Korean)


iOS only
Limited device compatibility
Subscription auto-renewal
No web interface
No multi-language support
Potentially confusing Q&A model
Community reliance for answers
Data handling unclear
Limited free version capabilities
Requires iOS 13.0 or later


What is the primary function of Aidely?
How does Aidely foster engagement among users and AI models?
How does the dynamic conversation environment work in Aidely?
Can I contribute my knowledge by answering questions on Aidely?
Does Aidely have a feature to explore and search existing Q&A threads?
What does the Aidely subscription service offer?
How are subscriptions charged on Aidely?
How can I manage or cancel my Aidely subscription?
How does Aidely prioritize user's privacy?
What are the data handling practices followed by Aidely?
How transparent is the data management in Aidely?
Is Aidely a mobile application?
What devices is Aidely compatible with?
Is Aidely available in other languages apart from English?
What are the in-app purchases available on Aidely?
How can I download Aidely?
Is Aidely designed only for iOS 13.0 and later versions?
Do I need an Apple ID to use Aidely?
Can I use Aidely on my Mac?
Are there any specific age ratings for using Aidely?

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