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Chatbot generates stories, jokes, and weather data.
Generated by ChatGPT

MagicBuddy is an AI Chatbot designed specifically for Telegram. It offers a convenient and user-friendly chat experience, powered by an advanced language model and artificial intelligence.

MagicBuddy utilizes OpenAI's extensive language model to generate human-like text and provide precise responses in various chat modes.With MagicBuddy, users can ask questions, write text messages, and even send voice messages.

The bot is proficient at answering questions, generating stories, telling jokes, and providing real-time weather data.Integrating MagicBuddy into Telegram is effortless, and users can incorporate the bot into their individual or group chats.

The bot can also be customized to convey a specific tone, making the messages even more human-like. Additionally, MagicBuddy can listen to voice commands and offers a speech-to-text feature, adding versatility to its functionality.MagicBuddy offers both free and premium subscription options.

The free account allows three messages per day, while the premium subscription provides unlimited access to ChatGPT, priority support, and additional features like generating voice messages.The bot is continuously learning and improving, ensuring a refined user experience with each interaction.

It can be a valuable tool for customer service, as it can handle multiple conversations and provide instant access to information. Developers interested in utilizing the Telegram API and OpenAI's potent chatbot capabilities can find a comprehensive guide for chatbot development.Experience the unique features of MagicBuddy's ChatGPT Telegram Bot and enhance your chat experience today by starting a conversation with the bot.

MagicBuddy was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on August 5th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Specifically designed for Telegram
Advanced language model
Generates human-like text
Generates stories
Tells Jokes
Provides real-time weather
Effortless integration into Telegram
Option to customize tone
Speech-to-text feature
Handles voice commands
Offers both free and premium subscriptions
Unlimited access to ChatGPT with premium
Priority support with premium
Ability to generate voice messages
Continuously learning and improving
Can handle multiple conversations
Provides instant access to information
Offers comprehensive guide for developers
Loved by 7000+ customers
Can provide help with studies
Ability to improve code
Multiple tiers of pricing plans
Unlimited options with paid plans
Future updates included in all plans
Capability to answer wide range of questions
Implementation of natural language processing
Easy integration with existing chats or groups
Possibility to use with your private bot
Open to customization with ChatGPT API
Capacity to manage individual and group chats
Positive customer testimonials
Can be used on any mobile device
Detailed guide for key generation
Integration with third-party apps
Integration with external web services
Supports various languages
API provides specific tone
Offers study assistance
Premium provides unlimited GPT-4
Annual access with advanced plan
Basic support with all plans
Real-time data provision
High-speed responses
Voice messages generation with Whisper API
Unlimited GPT-4 with advanced plan
Ease of use
Provides multiple personalization options


Limited to Telegram
Free version limited to 3 messages
Lacks broad language support
Premium plan costly
Limited customization options
Limited voice message functionality
Limited bot response speed
Speech-to-text feature not universally available
No clear offline functionality


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Can MagicBuddy handle multiple conversations at the same time?
In what specific ways can MagicBuddy be a valuable tool for customer service?
How can developers utilize the Telegram API and OpenAI's chatbot capabilities with MagicBuddy?
What is the ChatGPT API and how does it interact with MagicBuddy?
What extra features do I get with a premium subscription of MagicBuddy?
Can MagicBuddy provide real-time data?
Does MagicBuddy support group chats on Telegram?
How do I start a conversation with MagicBuddy?
How can I incorporate MagicBuddy into my individual or group chats on Telegram?
What is the ChatGPT API and how is it used in MagicBuddy?

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