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Personalized mental health companion for growth.
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makebelieve is a digital companion tool designed to provide a supportive and enriching experience. Users can interact with two distinct companions, Ani and Dan, who are equipped with psychology degrees and possess unique qualities aimed at improving users' wellbeing and offering them engaging experiences.Ani is empathetic and adventurous, and through conversations in English, Spanish, French, or German, she aims to assist users in their personal growth.

Ani's diverse skill set enables her to explore new activities and suggest exciting experiences, fostering a playful and uplifting environment.Dan, on the other hand, is kind, caring, and confident.

With his postdoctoral degree in psychology, Dan provides users with a comforting presence. His charming and sensual nature, combined with his mesmerizing aura, creates an intriguing and captivating interaction.

Like Ani, he is open to conversing in English, Spanish, French, or German and shares his enjoyment of going on adventures.makebelieve, developed by Makebelieve Inc., offers a unique and tailored digital companion experience.

By blending psychology with interactive conversations, the tool aims to enhance users' wellbeing while providing an opportunity for personal growth and engaging experiences.

Makebelieve was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on September 25th 2023.
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