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Quick access to aviation regulations and Q&A.
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CFR Explorer is an AI-powered app that facilitates quick access to information regarding aviation regulations. Pilots can ask questions in natural language such as “What are the requirements for a general aviation pilot?” or “What conversation should a glider and tow pilot have before flight?” to receive answers.

Alternatively, users can search for specific regulations using keywords, such as “Preflight actions” or “Medical certificate pilot requirements.” The app is currently in beta and its accuracy may be limited.

It is important to note that any private information should not be shared when using this app, and is not liable for any content generated.

It was created by Zohaib, who can be found on his website and Twitter.

CFRexplorer was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on January 2nd 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Quick access to regulations
Natural language questioning
Keyword search feature
Specific to aviation regulations
Title 14 regulations searchable
Robust query examples
Active improvement process
Designed for pilots
CFR focused responses
Creator has public presence


Limited accuracy
Beta stage
Can't share private information
No clear liability for content
No API mentioned
Developer dependent
Limited to Title 14 regulations
Reliability of answers not guaranteed


What is CFR Explorer?
Who created CFR Explorer?
How does CFR Explorer work?
How accurate is CFR Explorer?
What kind of questions can I ask CFR Explorer?
Can CFR Explorer provide all aviation regulation details?
How does CFR Explorer’s search feature work?
Why is CFR Explorer in beta phase?
What are some examples of questions I can ask CFR Explorer?
What limitations does CFR Explorer have?
What precautions should I take while using CFR Explorer?
Can CFR Explorer replace human aviation experts?
Does CFR Explorer require specific phrasing to ask questions?
How often is CFR Explorer updated?
Where can I install/download CFR Explorer?
Does CFR Explorer offer a mobile app?
What are CFR Explorer's main features?
What kind of personal information should I avoid sharing on CFR Explorer?
Is CFR Explorer liable for wrong information?
How can I give feedback on CFR Explorer?


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