ChatGPT on Mac 09 Jul 2023
Engaged experts in multiple fields via instant chat

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ChatTab is a native Mac software that provides instant access to ChatGPT, allowing users to engage in conversations with experts from different fields using prompts.

Similar to Apple's Spotlight, ChatTab can be accessed using a hotkey from any Mac app, displaying a floating window above the current application. The tool offers features to enhance the ChatGPT experience, including a unique UI design with multiple tabs for switching between different message conversations.

It also provides shortcut keys for quickly displaying the message dialog window. ChatTab integrates with iCloud, allowing prompts to be synced across devices.Privacy and security are emphasized, with no data being stored or logs tracked by ChatTab.

The API key is stored securely in Apple's keychain and not shared with anyone. Prompts are stored locally and in Apple's iCloud, ensuring user privacy.ChatTab supports multiple languages, with English as its main language.

As the user base grows, the tool intends to adapt to more languages to cater to global users.ChatTab offers three pricing plans, including a free option with limitations, a Pro plan for $19.99 (one-time payment) that includes multiple tabs and iCloud sync, and a Max plan for $39.99 (one-time payment) with additional features and support for up to three Mac devices.The tool also provides a FAQ section to answer common queries, and users can download ChatTab from the website.

ChatTab was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on August 28th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Native Mac software
Access from any app
Floating window feature
Unique UI design
Multiple conversation tabs
Shortcut keys provided
iCloud integration
Sync prompts across devices
High privacy and security
No data stored externally
API key in Apple's keychain
Local and iCloud prompt storage
Supports multiple languages
Plans to adapt to more languages
Three pricing plans
Free plan available
One-time payment for pro plans
Supports up to three devices
FAQ support available
Designed for ChatGPT
Supports different prompts
Smaller memory footprint
Faster startup speed
Markdown compatible
User privacy ensured
Conversations not stored
English as main language
Caters to global users
Choice of 1000+ users
Smooth Markdown experience
Switch between tab conversations
Immediate message dialog display
Syncs with Apple's keychain


Only for Mac
Paid for extra features
Limited free version
Doesn't support all languages
Hotkey may disrupt workflow
UI may not suit all
Syncs only with iCloud
Expensive Max plan
Extra cost for additional devices
No session data persistence


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How does ChatTab provide access to ChatGPT?
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How does ChatTab integrate with iCloud?
Does ChatTab ensure user privacy and security?
Where does ChatTab store the API key?
Where does ChatTab store prompts?
In which languages does ChatTab provide support?
How do the three pricing plans of ChatTab differ?
What are the limitations of the free option provided by ChatTab?
What extra features does the Max plan offer for $39.99?
How can I download ChatTab?
Does ChatTab track or store any data?
How does the multiple tabs feature of ChatTab work?
Can ChatTab be used to interact with experts from different fields?
Does the ChatTab Pro plan support sync with iCloud?
How does ChatTab ensure it is privacy friendly?
How does the ChatGPT integration enhance the use of ChatTab?

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