ChatGPT on Mac 2023-10-06
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macOS workflow optimizer.
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Hummingbird is a lightweight native personal assistant for macOS that offers quick answers to any question. This macOS app has a clean and minimal design, providing a convenient user experience.

One of its key features is a built-in web browsing capability, allowing users to read content from URLs and perform various tasks such as summarizing, asking questions, conducting research, or using references.Hummingbird utilizes Google Programmable Search to provide real-time search functionality, ensuring access to the latest information and knowledge sources.

Additionally, this tool can display rich content using markdown, enhancing the presentation of various types of data.Customization is a significant aspect of Hummingbird, as it allows users to tailor their experience.

Users have control over response instructions, language settings, temperature preferences, and other customizable options.Furthermore, Hummingbird is a lightweight and fast macOS application that optimizes performance.

Its small file size (approximately 3MB) ensures efficient installation and operation, reducing resource consumption on the system.Overall, Hummingbird serves as a convenient AI personal assistant specialized for macOS users.

With its lightweight nature, browsing capabilities, real-time search, and customization options, this tool aims to supercharge workflow efficiency on the macOS platform.

Hummingbird was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on October 6th 2023.
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User Profile PictureWetask
ยท Oct 28, 2023
Love the app, so simple to get GPT answers

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