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Iris is a conversational AI tool powered by OpenAI's advanced models GPT-3.5 and GPT-4. Universally accessible, Iris can be initiated anytime, irrespective of the users current app interface.

It has been designed to function seamlessly with user operations, including a 'sling' feature that allows users to move Iris to another side of the screen if it's obstructing their view.

Iris also acts as an image-based discussion advocate, enabling users to swiftly capture and screen images to discuss content. The interface enhances user interaction by integrating natural gestures such as swiping to open, close, or move Iris, and also provides simple keyboard shortcuts that encourage more efficient use.

Moreover, Iris does not require completion of its responses before accepting new user inputs, paving the way for smooth, back-and-forth conversations.

Additionally, Iris supports formatting features such as bold text, bulleted lists, and code with syntax highlighting making it furthermore versatile in presenting information.

The Iris' response time to user interaction is reported to be significantly fast, thereby providing a swift conversational experience. As of 2023, Iris is designed by Interface Studio, providing users with assistance and regular updates online.

Iris Fun was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on December 26th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Universally accessible
Compatible with any interface
Sling feature for obstruction
Image-based discussion support
Gesture integration for interaction
Keyboard shortcuts for efficiency
Immediate response to inputs
Supports markdown and code
Fast response time
Regular updates
User assistance online
Extended syntax highlighting
Can be initiated anytime
Versatile information presentation
Smooth, two-way conversations
Non-obstructive when not in use
Can work mid-conversation
Screen capture functionality
Efficient back-and-forth dialogue
Encourages natural user behavior
Moves to user desired location


No voice recognition
Limited formatting features
No mobile version
No multilingual support
Requires manual initiation
No video support
Dependent on strong connectivity
Sling feature might be disruptive
No user customization options
Lacks enterprise-grade security features


What is Iris and what is it used for?
How is Iris powered?
What are some key features of Iris?
How does the 'sling' feature in Iris work?
What does it mean that Iris is 'universally accessible'?
How is image-based discussion enabled in Iris?
What are the gesture integrations available in Iris?
What keyboard shortcuts does Iris support?
What does it mean that Iris doesn't need to complete responses before accepting new inputs?
What sort of text formatting does Iris support?
How quick is the response time of Iris?
Who is the developer of Iris?
Do I need to be on a specific app to initiate Iris?
How does snapping an image to discuss content on the screen work in Iris?
How can I switch between GPT-3.5 and GPT-4 in Iris?
What does it mean by swift to open, close, and move Iris by swiping?
Can I send new messages to Iris immediately, without waiting for a complete response?
Can Iris present code with syntax highlighting?
How can Iris be moved if it's obstructing my view on the screen?
Who can I contact for support or assistance with Iris?

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