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Enhanced instant messaging with OpenAI's ChatGPT
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Machato is a native client dedicated to the macOS platform for managing the usage of OpenAI's ChatGPT. It provides an interactive interface akin to regular instant messaging apps with additional powerful features tailored to make the most out of ChatGPT.

At its core, Machato offers granular control over the API parameters such as temperature, presence, and frequency penalty, top probability, and max tokens, allowing users to effectively tweak the response construction of the AI model.

It supports individual conversation management where users can create and manage distinct conversations each with its own history and configuration. Providing support for all chat OpenAI models available to the user's API key, it allows for varied use-cases.

Key features also include code rendering with proper syntax highlighting, markdown support, LaTeX equation rendering, and token usage statistics for better resource management.

Machato includes a 'Prompt Library' to manage user prompts and system 'personality'. It also enables an agile copy-to-clipboard function at the message level.

Future updates for Machato may include picture input support with the upcoming GPT-4, local LLMs support, and app localization. It is important to note that it is compatible with macOS versions 13.0 and above.


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Pros and Cons


Conversation management features
Code rendering with syntax highlighting
LaTeX rendering capability
Supports GitHub-flavored markdown
API parameters control
Distinct conversations with different histories
Per-message copy-to-clipboard function
Robust rendering engine
Lifetime license with future updates
User feature suggestion supported
Advanced token usage statistics
ChatGPT enhanced instant messaging
Prompt library for user prompts
Easy copy-and-paste functions
Granular control over response construction
Delivers streamed or non-streamed responses
Future support for GPT-4
Supports app localization
Supports AutoGPT integration
Keyboard shortcuts integration
Detailed prompt management
Optimal performance with rendering engine
Planned picture input support
Future support for local LLMs
Controls for temperature, presence and frequency penalties
Controls for top probability and maximum tokens


Only works on macOS
Requires macOS 13.0+
No picture input currently
No support for local LLMs
App not localized
No AutoGPT integration yet
No keyboard shortcuts
Lifetime license needed for all features
Mandatory JavaScript for purchasing


What is Machato?
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Can Machato render mathematical formulas and definitions with LaTeX?
What does Machato's token management feature entail?
What is Machato's 'Prompt Library'?
What kind of compatibility does Machato have with macOS versions?
What updates are visualized for Machato in the future?
Will Machato support picture input with the upcoming GPT-4?
What is the process for suggesting new features for implementation into Machato?
How can one purchase a lifetime license for Machato?
What does the Machato lifetime license cover?
Is there any support for keyboard shortcuts on Machato?
How does the instant messaging interface of Machato operate?
Is there any support for app localization in Machato?
What is the process for copying messages in Machato?
Can Machato manage API parameters like temperature, presence, and frequency penalty?
What is AutoGPT integration in the context of Machato?

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