ChatGPT on Mac 06 Apr 2023
Chat with intelligent agents via messaging.

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Machato is a native client for OpenAI's ChatGPT that allows users to communicate with an AI system using the familiar interface of an instant messaging app.

It provides features such as live streamed or non-streamed responses from the API, conversation management that allows users to create different conversations with distinct histories, configurations, and titles, and support for all OpenAI models.

Additionally, it can render code with syntax highlighting, tables, and all GitHub-flavored markdown capabilities, and supports LaTeX rendering for mathematical formulas and definitions.

The app also has a robust rendering engine for optimal performance, and easy copy-and-paste functions with a per-message copy-to-clipboard button. Machato's future updates include picture input support for GPT-4 (when it becomes available to the API), a prompt library, app localization, AutoGPT integration, and keyboard shortcuts.

An important disclaimer is that the app only works with macOS 13.0 and above. Users can purchase a lifetime license that unlocks all features and future updates, and can suggest additional features that they would like to see implemented.

Overall, Machato simplifies and enhances the chat-based AI experience, allowing users to interact with ChatGPT's AI system through a conceptually straight-forward interface.

Machato was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on April 30th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Messaging app interface
Live streamed responses
Non-streamed responses
Conversation management
Distinct history per conversation
Configurable chat settings
Auto-generated conversation titles
Code syntax highlighting
Markdown tables rendering
Supports GitHub-flavoured markdown
LaTeX rendering for formulas
Copy-and-paste functionality
Per-message copy-to-clipboard button
Robust rendering engine
Lifetime license availability
Future updates included
Upcoming picture input support
Future prompt library
App localization in plan
AutoGPT integration anticipated
Future keyboard shortcuts
Conceptually straightforward interface
Support to suggest features


Mac-only tool
No API provided
Not for older MacOS versions
JavaScript required for purchasing
No picture input for current GPT
No prompt library yet
No localization yet
No AutoGPT integration yet
Lacks keyboard shortcuts
Paid license required for full access


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Does Machato have a robust rendering engine?
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What does a Machato lifetime license include?
Are there any future updates planned for Machato?
Will Machato support picture input in future updates?
What is the prompt library in the Machato's future updates?
Will Machato have keyboard shortcuts in future updates?
How can I suggest features for Machato?
Does Machato support markdown rendering?
Can I use Machato as a maths tutor with GPT-4?
Can I use Machato on any macOS version?

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