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Class chat productivity boosted w/ one-handed shortcuts.
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QuickCast for macOS is a desktop app that allows you to launch and chat with GPT using a single shortcut key (cmd + e). It boasts a user-friendly interface and can be used for all job types as it enhances agility, dexterity, and intelligence by +99.

The app can be purchased through Gumroad for a fair price.The one-handed class of the tool means that it can be conveniently used with a single hand, allowing for quick and efficient usage.

QuickCast can improve productivity by providing easy access and faster response times to chats with GPT. It is important to note that JavaScript is required to buy this product, and buyers should enable it in their browser settings before purchasing.

QuickCast has received six ratings, all of them being five-star reviews, indicating that users found it helpful and easy to use. In summary, QuickCast for macOS is a valuable desktop app for those who need to launch and chat with GPT on a regular basis.

Its one-handed class, quick launch capabilities, and intelligence-enhancing features make it a convenient and efficient tool to improve productivity.

Quickcast was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on April 29th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


One-handed shortcuts
Quick launch capabilities
Increases agility +99
Increases dexterity +99
Increases intelligence +99
User-friendly interface
Applicable for all jobs
Ease of purchase via Gumroad
MacOS compatibility
Fast response times
Boosts chat productivity
Highly rated (6 five-star ratings)
Requires JavaScript enabling
160 MB size


Only for macOS
Requires JavaScript enablement
No API mentioned
No mobile app
Single shortcut limitation
No multiple user support
Potential hand strain
No free version
No automation capabilities
No integration information


What is Quickcast?
What makes Quickcast unique?
What is the function of cmd+e in Quickcast?
Which Operating System does Quickcast support?
How does Quickcast improve dexterity, agility and intelligence?
What is the meaning of the term one-handed class in Quickcast?
What job types can use Quickcast?
How is Quickcast beneficial for productivity?
What is required to buy Quickcast and where can it be purchased?
Why is Javascript required to buy Quickcast?
How do I enable Javascript in my browser to buy Quickcast?
What has been the user review ratings for Quickcast?
How does Quickcast enhance chat productivity?
Is Quickcast a chatbot or a standard AI tool?
What does quick launch capabilities in Quickcast mean?
How can Quickcast improve my regular chats with GPT?
How much is Quickcast?
Who is the developer of Quickcast?
What is the size of the Quickcast app?
Can Quickcast be used for other tasks apart from launching chat with GPT?

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