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Data-protecting assistant for businesses.
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R2 Copilot is an AI assistant designed for businesses that prioritizes data confidentiality. Unlike most AI tools that use user data for training purposes, R2 Copilot keeps user data private and secure.

It places data security controls within the communication chains between users and artificial assistants, ensuring privacy at its core.By integrating R2 Copilot, businesses can establish a more secure infrastructure, reducing the risks associated with confidential data outflows.

This helps information security specialists to have peace of mind and enhances efficiency in daily business activities.R2 Copilot delivers timely help by working with users at their own pace.

Whether replying to emails, analyzing data sets, creating drafts, or making translation requests, R2 uses natural language processing to provide answers and assistance.Various industries benefit from R2 Copilot's privacy-oriented approach.

Lawyers, marketers, academics, healthcare professionals, screenwriters, and executives, among others, use this tool to ensure data security, increase productivity, and craft exclusive content.

R2 Copilot also enhances operational security in banking and insurance sectors and offers protection for customer financial information.R2 Copilot's unique features include creating a secure environment to prevent data leakage, encrypting sensitive information, and discarding it upon exiting the add-in.

It also ensures compliance with data privacy regulations.Overall, R2 Copilot is a valuable AI assistant that enables businesses to improve performance and safeguard confidentiality without compromising privacy.


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Nov 30, 2023
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