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Query organizational data through natural language
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PrivateGPT is an AI-powered tool that allows organizations to connect their own data sources and ask questions in natural language. It is a secure and private tool that enables users to retrieve the required knowledge from their company's data sources without wasting time on endless searches.

By connecting platforms like Notion, JIRA, Slack, GitHub, and more, PrivateGPT brings back the necessary information when it is needed. It is designed to streamline knowledge management within organizations, helping users make the most of their data and avoid information becoming buried over time.One of the key features of PrivateGPT is its commitment to data privacy and security.

It ensures that user data is strictly confidential and not used to train AI models. Additionally, access to information is restricted to authorized personnel within the organization.PrivateGPT offers a live demo and provides a guide on harnessing AI for company knowledge management with a focus on security and privacy.

It also showcases featured projects that demonstrate the tool's capabilities, such as simplifying complex onboarding processes and maximizing content potential.The tool is currently being rolled out to selected companies and institutions worldwide, and interested organizations can submit an application to express their needs and ideas for potential collaboration.

PrivateGPT is a spin-off project by The Agile Monkeys, a company specializing in agile software development.In summary, PrivateGPT is an AI tool that empowers organizations to efficiently access and utilize their own data sources through natural language queries, while maintaining privacy and security.


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