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Real-time data queries on WhatsApp via mobile chatbot.
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The Portal tool is an AI-powered chatbot that can be accessed through WhatsApp, providing users with a mobile experience for interacting with the ChatGPT AI platform.

The tool enables users to engage with the ChatGPT chatbot through text, voice, and image-based queries, with support for real-time data and visual aids.

The ChatGPT platform is known for its powerful answering capabilities, and through Portal, users can access this functionality on the go. The tool aims to enhance creativity by facilitating easy access to the ChatGPT platform from anywhere, at any time, without requiring a login or API key.

Portal is not affiliated with WhatsApp or OpenAI, the creators of the ChatGPT platform. The development team behind Portal is working to improve the service, and users can register their interest via a web form.

It is not clear from the available information how Portal fits into the wider ecosystem of AI tools, or what specific use cases it is intended to address beyond providing a chatbot experience through WhatsApp.


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Portal was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on April 6th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Accessible through WhatsApp
Mobile ChatGPT access
Text, voice, image interaction
Supports real-time data
Visual aids display
No login or API key
Ease of access
Voice recognition technology
Image generation capability
Real-time data like conversion rate
Real-time latest news
Real-time sports results
Integrated with popular messaging app
Powerful answering capabilities
Enhances user creativity
Continual updates and improvements
User feedback considered
Independently developed


Not affiliated with WhatsApp
No login safeguards
No clarity of wider integration
Real-time data handling unclear
Lack of API key
Unclear development roadmap
Unknown data privacy measures
Unidentified specific use-cases
Limited to WhatsApp users


What is Portal ChatGPT for Whatsapp?
How can I access Portal?
Do I need to create a login for Portal?
Is Portal affiliated with WhatsApp or OpenAI?
What types of queries can I make with Portal?
How does Portal's voice recognition capability work?
How does Portal use images in its responses?
What kind of real-time data can Portal provide?
Can I register my interest for using Portal?
Is Portal available at any time of the day?
Does Portal respond to both text and voice queries?
What capabilities does Portal have?
Is there a way to get access to Portal 'on-the-go'?
How is Portal enhancing creativity?
How exactly does Portal fit into the broader AI tools ecosystem?
Is there any specific use case for Portal?
Can I use Portal on my iPhone?
Do I need to install any additional applications to use Portal?
How can I interact with ChatGPT via Portal?
Where can I give feedback or make inquiries about Portal?


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